Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tasmanian Craft Fair: Wowzers!!!

Well, what can I say?  The Tasmanian Craft Fair (TCF) was AMAZNG!!! 20,000 people came through.  Yep!!  Thats Huge!  

A special bunch of wallets found themselves somebody to call their own, and many a product got collected and headed home to be stored for Christmas stocking stuffing or placed beneath various Christmas trees around the place. I love this time of year and the thought that on Christmas Day Pili Pala Pieces will be apart of family Christmases all around Australia.  Oh, the joy!

But back to the TCF: This event is run predominantly by Rotary members who all volunteer and I can't say enough about how amazing they were.  I was by myself for the duration of the 4 day event, and at least once an hour a Rotary staff member would come and check on me and offer me a toilet or food break.  Apart from that, they were so friendly and supportive; really just an amazing bunch of people.   In the end, my stall turned out spectacularly; I think it's the best I've ever created.  And, it turns out that all the planning paid off because I won the 'First Time Exhibitor' Award.  Yippee!!  Such a delight and amazing recognition for my little Pili Pala Pieces!  So, a huge thank you to the judges, Deloraine Rotary members and also the town of Deloraine.  

Below are some images from the event; if you've never been before, put it in your diary for next year.  I'll definitely be heading up again: wouldn't miss it!!

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