Friday, May 28, 2010

Peter and Paul and the Little Red Girl

Peter and Paul groomed thier feathers for a photo shoot yesterday in preparation for Salamanca Market tomorrow. After last week I felt that there was some 'jujjing' that was in need. So, the improvements will be - a black tablecloth for more 'pop' with the products, 3 BIG photos (check above and below) and just one long trestle table at the front of the marquee. I'm keen to see how it goes this time!

I'm also really excited to be parading my new acrylic window pendants and Tasmanian blackwood window pendants (below - I'm slightly in love with this one and may not be able to sell it!) for the first time. I have been working on both of these pieces for such a long time and are pleased that just a few are ready for me to sell (fingers crossed) tomorrow.

Please pop past and say 'hello' if you are in town tomorrow - I'll be towards the Davey Street end (probably 100 meters down) backing onto St Davids park. I can't wait - and this time I have a surplus of warm clothes already prepared!!! Hope to see you there.

NEW: Tasmanian Blackwood Window Pendant

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