Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I may have been M.I.A in Melbourne....

I may or may not have been M.I.A. in Melbourne for the past 3 days.  My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in November and - courtesy of babysitting by my mother - we found a few spare days this past weekend to disappear.   After working 24/7 since the beginning of May without a day off from all things Pili Pala, it was nice to do 'nothing' for 3 days.  And while we were doing nothing, we did find ourselves doing something, (like sleep-ins, movies, eating a little too much good food and general exploring) but it was nice to not have an agenda and just go with the flow.

The highlight of my trip was discovering a few little amazing boutique stores scattered throughout Melbourne.  Here are some images of my most favourite stores that were filled to the brim with beautiful wares.  Please note: these are not images that I took; I was too busy doing 'nothing' to take photos.  

Photo from here.
The Woodsfolk is a whimsical store in Hawthorn filled with bright colourful home wares mixed with a smattering of vintage finds.  Sensational for the senses.

Photo from here.
Maiike was just across the road from The Woodsfolk and equally filled with a collection of mouth-watering goodness.  A bit of adult fashion, a bit of children's fashion and home wares and a lot of just plain prettiness.  I ended up buying a chalk-board T-shirt for my daughter here; such a lovely shop.

Photo from here.
We discovered Rap on Little collins street jam-packed with a colourful array of boutique brands, including home wares, fashion, bags, children's goodies, stationery, etc.  The lovely thing about this store is that they will wrap (get it - 'rap') each product using a special japanese wrapping technique.  Love it - that means 3 less presents for me to wrap this year. 

Photo from here.
And finally, this shop was a treasure trove of delightful special pieces.  Wilkins and Kent on Little Bourke st.  My husband even stayed and had a decent look in this shop; thats clearly a 10/10 for awesomeness!

Well, for now, it's back to it:  4 markets, the final bunch of stockist orders for 2013 and keeping on top of the online orders will keep me busy right up until Christmas. 

Remember to check our facebook page for Christmas online order cut-off dates. 

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