Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Your chance to get in first with our simply magical super-sized clouds.

Would you like a cloud meal deal? Would you like to upsize that? To a large? Actually 'jumbo'? Ok, in reality it's more like 'super size'? Well, you might need to feast your eyes on this...

I am now taking orders for these exquisitely, divine, super-sized clouds. You are able to purchase them individually or as a set or 3. Available in either a teal wave pattern (20 available only) or mirrors, you can choose from a Tasmanian blackwood or bamboo frame. They are magical!

Here they are as displayed on our stand at the recent Life Instyle trade show in Melbourne.  

Sizes and prices as follows: 

Small: approx. 55cm wide x 30cm high ~ $425.00
Medium: approx 85cm wide x 45cm high ~ $650.00
Large: approx 140cm x 70cm ~ $1100.00
Set of 3 (small, medium & large) ~ $1950 (save $225.00)

Shipping available within Australia.

My loyal blog/facebook followers: This is your chance to jump to the front of the queue and place your order, as these babies will be released to the public for the first time at the Deloraine Craft Fair next Friday. Please note:  the teal wave pattern is LIMITED EDITION with only 20 sets being made (2 SOLD already). First in = best dressed (house).

Due to the labour involved, there is at least a 1 week turn-around per set of clouds, so if you have the perfect place for these lovely creations in your home and need them pronto, you'd better get in quick.

To discuss your super-sized cloud order with me, either phone or email:

email: helen@pilipalapieces.com.au
mobile: 0407 259 701

I can't wait to talk to you about making some of these yours. 

Helen x

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