Tuesday, October 15, 2013

5 things you probably didn't know about me

I'm Helen. Founder, Designer, Maker at Pili Pala.  Mother of 2, wife of 1, little (as in small), driven, crazy, busy and my thinking is always on overdrive.  All this whilst still looking like I'm 19 (and I don't mean that in youthful bragging way, I mean I get concerned looks when I walk around with my 6 year old and she calls me 'Mum').

You know that I love running this business, but here are 5 things you may not know about me;

# My hands are too big for my body (I think that comes from my lovely Grandma Chips (Crisp) - she was a little lady too but her hands were rather large - however, she was good with them.  You should have seen her knead dough; superwoman!)

# My studio is an absolute messy disgrace.  As much as I strive to keep the studio clean and tidy, it just isn't.  I hate that it's messy, but when I'm in the 'making/creating' zone, I'm a pig. Thats why you won't find me inviting anyone into the studio - so embarrassing.   Every time my husband comes in he just shakes his head.

# I have a ridiculously loud and distinct laugh. It's very loud.  My friends can track me down in a crowded, noisy room by my laugh.  It's a bit like a cackle and a honk mixed together. And when I really get going - I cry big tears and slap things like my knee or the table.  Oh dear!  

# We sponsor 2 children in Africa and support my sister who is working on a medical ship in Congo, Africa.  I think that we are lucky to live in an amazing country and I am even more lucky to spend my days doing what I choose to do and being creative.  So, helping others might just result in them being able to do something they love too.  

# And finally, I love Pili Pala.  Ok, so you probably do know about that one - But why?  I love what its grown in to and I love the supportive customers and stockists that have popped up like little blooming flowers all over the place.  I love that my need to create and my obsession with fashion/trends/vintage/creativity has allowed me to add my take on those things to the world and has been accepted by others.  

Helen x

Find out more about Helen on the 'about page' over at the online shop.

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