Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Coming Trends...

One of the most exciting things about Life Instyle is the chance you get to be completely surrounded by all the new trends before they begin to trickle into the big wide world.  For me, these are the 4 stand outs that you won't be able to miss in the coming months;

1) Muted colours everywhere (definitely not primary and secondary colours, not quite your average pastels but more like punchy, poppy pastels; almost like pastel colours have been multiplied)
2) Flamingos
3) Pineapples
4) Light/Blond timber (everything. i.e.; furniture, framing, core material, decoration and display props)

Here's my Life Instyle round up of muted colours, flamingo, pineapple and blond wood...
 Stands by: Lumiere Art & Co (top) and The Family Love Tree (bottom)

 Cushions by Ourlieu (left and right) and earrings by us (released mid Sept) 

Vases by the Design Farm (also my amazingly lovely neighbours at Life Instyle) and the spectacular trade show stand by Polli.

Now, I'm not saying you should rush out and get a light tone wood photo frame with teal stripes containing a print of a flamingo sitting on a pineapple and hope that you'll be the queen of 'trendy'.   What I am saying is, that these 4 things were stand alone trends that were every where you looked; so watch out - I'm betting within 6 months you'll be hooked on these too.

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