Friday, July 5, 2013

Getting out there in the wintery cold.....

There's snow on Mt Wellington here in Hobart - finally!!!  I love winter and all the wintery clothing goodness you get to wear; jackets and scarves and my absolute necessity (and slight obsession with) boots and stockings!!!

In amongst the cold, things have been heating up here at Pili Pala Pieces.  Some of our products have even been spotted on various facebook pages, curated product round-ups and magazines.  Have a little squiz below; woot!

Our products made it into the amazingly awesome 'Vintage Caravan Magazine' earlier this year.  Chuffed!  

Our stunning clouds also made the facebook cover picture for the month of June over at Down That Little Lane.  Have you been shopping in that online store?  Ah-mazing!!!

And then, to top it all off, one of the sellers on Down That Little Lane choose our clouds to feature as part of their curated collection; labelled 'pure and natural'.

I love seeing Pili Pala out and about in the big wide world.  It's like my baby is growing up and heading off to Primary School.  

Over and out.  Helen x

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