Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy times ahead...

It's that time of year when things become a little crazy.  The Life Instyle trade show is in 9 weeks which means a total revamp of the PPP product range plus a lot of new products to boot!  There are deadlines left, right and centre which I only just seem to make (what happened to those days in Uni where I had my assignments finished a night or two before - I was never one of those who worked through the night and up until half an hour before a deadline.  Umm, I think I can blame kids, right??  Yes, I'll go with that for now.)

I must say though, that amongst the craziness and hectic cloud I find myself in, it is exciting and exhilarating to see new products come together and take shape.  In saying that, there are some super duper new products that I'm bursting with excitment about - no hints just yet (I can't even provide you with some sneaky peek photos as they are still in development stage).

In the meantime I have a few new stockists - check out our ever growing stockist page as well as mentions on facebook and of course, I'll be at various markets around the place.  You'll mainly find me at Salamanca Market for the next 2 months, with an exciting little bonus trip to the first ever Hobart Niche market thrown in.  Niche - All Wrapped Up Market will be here in Hobart at the Hobart City Hall on 16th June, 10:00 - 3:00.  You won't want to miss that one!

Keep warm and enjoy wearing scarves, jackets and boots - mmmm, my favourite!

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