Friday, May 7, 2010

Come back Paul

I managed to capture a quiet moment (very rare indeed!)

What can I say about the Niche market except that it has certainly found it's niche up in Launceston. What an amazing market with a never ending flow of patrons. I had a very successful weekend up there and loved every minute of it. There were several familiar faces from Hobart selling thier wares and a tribe of stallholders that were new to me. I was just a tad excited to finally meet the face behind the amazing brand Dick and Dora and to touch some of thier products in real life (I have been following thier success for a while now).
I was very lucky to be placed next to Abi from Oliv who makes beautiful kids T-shirts with a massive array of designs on them. She was SO SO popular and I am slightly in awe of her brand, customer relation skills and the way she has built up her business. She gave me a few pointers throughout the two days (when we had time to breath) and I look forward to recieving more advice from her in the future. You can check her out at Salamanca each week - and while we are on Salamanca; we got in!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to get down there; bring it on. I'll post on the blog when each time we get in!
And finally, I was thrilled to introduce my new range of screen printed tea-towels. This has been a LONG time coming, with me planning these designs in about September last year and now only just getting them to print. Unfortunately, I only had one of my 4-step story ready to sell, but was so keen to test the waters and see how they went. And, to my relief, they sold like a charm and were very popular - in fact, I sold out!!!
So, please make welcome; 'Come back Paul' (soon to be joined by 'Fly away Peter', 'Fly away Paul' and 'Come back Peter' - how did you guess?!). At the moment they will only be available on tea-towels but my dream is to sell them on tote bags and boutique cushions as well. What do you think of Paul??

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