Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy busy beaver but always time for a game!!

At the end of this week I will again be heading to Launceston for another market. This time I will be selling at Niche Market; of which I have heard an abundance of high recommendations and fabulous feedback. Miriam (Jasmine Rose) my regular 'market buddy' is due to have her baby next Monday, so we felt it was more than a little neccessary for her to remain home in Hobart near to the hospital incase her bubs makes an appearance. So, this will be my first market by myself and, not only that, but it runs for 2 days in a row!! Fingers crossed for a great turn-out. If you are in Launcestone, please pop in and help us spreaad the word; the market is actually also a fundraiser for St Giles, so there are no excuses really!

So obviously I have been busy, busy, making, making, but not so hard that I couldn't have a little fun in the backyard with my new game. My husband and I visited Finland about 3 years ago and stayed with a Finnish friend. Whilst there he took us to his parents cottage, complete with a sauna (which is as common as a toilet in Finland), and we played 'Molkky' (pronounced 'melkoo' kind of, with an accent). It basically consists of throwing a short wooden plank at 12 other numbered wooden planks with a little bit of stratergy and skill thrown in. It was so much fun. Anyway, my husband walked past Funky Homes the other day and discovered that they had the game (marketed as 'Klop'; probably a little easier for Aussie's to pronounce) and he got it for me as my mothers day present. As happens every time, my husband couldn't wait until mothers day and gave it to me on the weekend; needless to say we had a lot of fun. Dean = 2, Helen = 1, hhmmm!! Bit rusty perhaps??!! I highly recommend this game; it's kind of like bowls but with throwing - I did say 'kind of'!!!

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