Monday, December 14, 2009

The Marvellous 'The Market'

With weary eyes and sore muscles I can happily report that 'The Market' on Sunday was an absolute, unmistakable, fantasmagorical success!!! Mirri and I started setting up at 8am (yawn!) on Sunday and were very pleased with how our stall ended up looking. It took a few minutes after 10am for the flood of people to begin and we hardly took a breath until the lunch time lull (and when I say 'lull' I mean only half a dozen people at the stall as opposed to 15 or so!) It was so nice to have friends and family visit and to meet so many people - you could definitely feel the festive vibe in the air as people were cheerfully gathering gifts for loved ones (and a few for themselves as well).

Thank you so much to 'The Market' for providing such an amazing avenue for Tasmanian handcrafts and products. We can't wait for what next year will bring at 'The Market'.

Happy countdown to Christmas - we can say 'Christmas is next week' now!

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  1. Your stall looks amazing! I can't wait to see it at the next market!!