Saturday, May 25, 2013

NEW LOOK!!! Spunky!

It's high time we had a bit of a revamp here at Pili Pala Pieces - it's been a while coming.  So, with the very creative, patient and supportive help of the AMAZING Tabitha Emma, we have redesigned our website and blog; a little facelift if you will!

What do you think?

The old blog - blergh!!!  

Website: from drab to.....

Fab!!!  (actually, *insert word that means 'a zillion times better than fab' here*!!)
It's a little too small here to get the full effect, so hop over and check it out now.  Click here.

Oh, and make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page, because we might just be having a sale to celebrate this VERY exciting occasion.

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