Sunday, August 28, 2011


Finally - a weekend off for Pili Pala!! We have enjoyed time at home, pulling up weeds and watching movies. Bliss! In fact, we have got another weekend off next week as my very best friend and her family comes to visit from Sydney!

But alas, the work doesn't stop. We are slowly but surely filling orders picked up from the trade show and sending Pili Pala goodies left, right and centre around Australia. It's very exciting!
Sally's cushion - made from a 'Fly Away Peter' tea-towel.

Last week at Niche (which was again another bumper market) we met up with Sally - a regular at the Launceston markets. She explained how she had been so inspired by the cushions that I had out as samples at the recent Apron Market, that she had gone home and created a cushion for her Dad out of a tea-towel. She was initially a little reluctant to tell me she had done this as she knew Pili Pala was releasing our own cushions later in the year (I've just given the seamstress the go ahead to get sewing), but I couldn't be more pleased that she liked them so much that she made her own. It reassures me that cushions are definitely the way to go. The above photo is look at what Sally made! Lovely!

The below images show you the cushions that will be released in about a month or so - just in time for Christmas. They will only be available at markets and are 100% natural linen with a zipped closure. Yippeee! I would love to know if you think the screen-print should go in the middle or the corner of the cushions? Let me know what you think by posting your thoughts on our facebook page.


  1. Oh, your cushions look gorgeous Helen! Thanks for being so lovely. Can't wait to see them 'in the stuffing'!

  2. These look beautiful Helen!!! Surely you would like to send a few up the NW to little place called Nest...would be wonderful exposure for you...hehehe....:) xxx